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Zvenigorod Way - Russian Via Sacra - Rublyevo-Uspenskoe highway - Rublevka (Rublyovka)



Konstantin Kovalev-Sluchevsky

Another Rublevka
 Secrets of the Tsar's Road

Virtual travel - stories, essays and investigations

Moscow, Gryphon - Russian Cultural Foundation, 2009. - 448 p.: ill.



Sensation of 2009-2011!!!


     Content and text of the book "Another Rublevka" (rus)






     Rublevka (Rublyovka, Rublyevka) - one of the unofficial names of a prestigious residental area west of Moscow, capital of Russia. The residences of many Government officials, Heads of the state and successful businesspeople or oligarch are located along Rublevka highway (the official name - Rublyevo-Uspenskoe highway).

     The famous Rublevka is also a part of Russian history. This most prestigious and expensive place in the vicinity of Moscow, indeed of all of Russia, is the original island of millionaires where from the XIX century (more precisely - since 14 centuries) nouveau riche and celebrities have settled. The beauty of nature and the fresh air typical for these upper reaches of the Moscow River have attracted the super rich seeking solitude, comfort, glamour and pathos. The famous Rublevka, formely called Zvenigorod Road or Tsars Road (Royal Road), ends right at the ancient walls of Zvenigorod, well-known for its unique monuments of medieval Russian architecture.

     Residences of the President of Russia "Gorki-9". Since 2000 the current home President's residence is Novo-Ogarjovo (Rus: -). It is planned that it will have remained at the disposal of Putin after the term ending, as Gorki-9 (Rus: -9; sometimes called Residence Barvikha - Rus: ), but actually near it had remained at the disposal of Boris Yeltsin after his retirement.
     Rublevka Road has long been a site for "dachas" (Russian country houses of the townspeople). During the Soviet period, prominent officials and intellectuals often used state-owned dachas in the vicinity of this region.

     Now real estate prices there are some of the highest in the Russia and in the world.

     Someone says: Rublevka - Road to Bliss.




Kovalev-Sluchevsky, Konstantin

Drugaja Rublevka

Tainy Tsarskogo Puti: Virtual'noe Puteshestvie vo Vremeni i prostranstve

[ The Other Rublevka. Secrets of Royal Road: Virtual journey through time and space ]

Moscow: Grifon
- Russian Culture Foundation, 2009. 448 p. [ill.]
Hardcover. 14 x 21 cm
. ISBN: 978-5-98862-059-4
Language: Russian


This book is about the history of the two main northwest roads (Rublevskoe and Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway) to Moscow that were used for several centuries by Russian tsars. Rublevka - one of the unofficial names of a prestigious residental area west of Moscow, capital of Russia. The residences of many Government officials, Heads of the state and successful businesspeople or oligarch are located along Rublevka highway. It is a collection of interesting stories about settlements, events and personalities related to these roads.





The stenogram of the TV-program "RUSSIAN SIGHT" about Rublevka
with participation of Konstantin Kovalev-Sluchevsky
(in Russian)



Rublevka - opened boutiques:


Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Dolce&Gabbana, Bottega Veneta, Brioni, KiTon, Yves Saint Laurent, Stella McCartney, Sergio Rossi, Boucheron, Ermenegildo Zegna, Giorgio Armani, Prada, YSL, Tods, Tom Ford, Loro Piana, Frette, Chopard, Tiffani&Co, Graff, Bvlgari, de Grisogono, Baccarat, Barvikha Hotel & Spa, Jewellery boutique Mercury, Bentley, Lamborghini, Ferarri, Maserati and Harley-Davidson





Konstantin Kovalev-Sluchevsky

The writer said in an interview he gave to the news agency Interfax

     A historian suggests returning Rublyovka (Rublevka) its "spiritual" name - the Zvenigorodskoye Shosse. Moscow, Interfax

     The historian and writer Konstantin Kovalev-Sluchevsky believes that renaming Rublyovka to the Zvenigorodskoye Shosse thus returning it its historical name would become an important event for believers who care for material and spiritual history of their region.
     "Returning ancient and close to many people name Zvenigorodskoye Shosse would not only "rehabilitate" Rublyovka as a unique region, but also contribute in spiritual self-identification of Muscovites, residents of the Moscow Region and the whole Russia. I'd like it to happen in the nearest future," Kovalev-Sluchevsky told an Interfax-Religion on Wednesday.
     The historian reminds that today's Rublyovka led to the walls of St. Sava of Storozhi Monastery in Zvenigorod and "parishioners and processions with cross to the relics of the holy monk, who was the first disciple of St. Sergius of Radonezh" followed this road and "for all Russian rulers - great princes, tsars and emperors such pilgrimages were compulsory."
     According to the historian, the name "Rublyovskoye" and "Rublyovo-Uspenskoye" was given to the highway as late as Soviet times and originated from the Rublyovo village where log houses were built (Russian for log is rublyony - IF) and has nothing to do with "Ruble and money."
     Today after dramatic increase in prices for land in the district, "this name turned into denominative that sounds ironically and refers to "Russian glamour and pathos," the interviewee of the agency stressed.



     Rublevka: "The Beverly Hills" of rich Russians

     Anyone who has less than $10 million in the bank becomes pretty much an outsider in Rublevka, that road, not far from Moscow, along which lie delightful villas next to other imposing constructions.
     Razdory, Barvikha, Zhukovka, Usovo, Barki are names associated with the charming Russian backwoods, with little huts and vegetable patches. This did in fact exist here once upon a time. The elite, the class which emerged during the Soviet era, noticed this little spot on the upper reaches of the Moskva River long ago and lay there its roots.
     Now the 30km long Rublevskoe Shosse, which stretches west from Kutuzovsky Prospect, has become a sanctuary for the super rich. Those who have less than $10 million in their bank accounts are seen in the eyes of Rublevka residents as despicable middle class.
     One of the huge billboards, which line the road, advertises a "Jaguar, while another advertises Philippine housemaids and designer houses. Castles and vineyards in France are also on offer. Dolce&Gabbana, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati, Gucci, Prada, Armani and Harley Davidson have all opened boutiques in the Luxury Valley in Barvikha.
     For over 45 years now Galina Shostakovich, daughter of the famous Soviet composer Dmitri Shostakovich, has been spending a few months a year in Zhukovka. "My father got his house in 1960. Back then it was a quiet area, and we used to have a beautiful huge forest here," she reminisces. "We used to pick mushrooms there and go skiing. Now theyve cut down the forest and built houses which are hidden behind huge fences. There are security cameras everywhere".
     Your prestige here in this ghetto for millionaires depends on how many bodyguards youve got, which cars you drive, and how beautiful your wife or mistresses are. Galina Shostakovichs gate still doesnt have a lock.
     Your prestige here in this ghetto for millionaires depends on how many bodyguards youve got, which cars you drive, and how beautiful your wife or mistresses are. Galina Shostakovichs gate still doesnt have a lock.
     She doesn't like the sparkling Zhukovka business centre, where even the most demanding clients are never disappointed. The Doucet H.O. confectioners offers a huge choice of all kinds of cakes, bread, wines and whiskeys. Heels clicking on the floor, a pretty blonde in an open fur coat and expensive jeans walks into the shop. With a bored look on her face, she orders a latte. On the flat TV screen, a fashion show is being held.

     Manfred Kviring, Die Welt.
    From Inopressa


    "Rublyovka Road is the traffic artery connecting the powerhouse Moscow with the Russian outback. At all times, the region bordering on Rublyovka has had a magnetic attraction for the ruling elite classes: Tsars, dictators, presidents. Of course, also present-day head of state Putin [Medvedev - also! - KK-S] resides here.
     In Putin's Russia, Rublyovka has become synonymous with wealth, social ascent and decadent lifestyles. Tell-tale signs of the past and gross excesses of Russian cutthroat capitalism have created a bizarre microcosm that does not have a parallel elsewhere in this giant empire. Nouveau riche upstarts have caused prices of properties on the Rublyovka to rocket sky-high. Now the fight for the last remaining pieces of land has broken out. The last remaining huts of the poor are swept aside to make way for the palaces of the wealthy by means that could not be any more unfair or brutal. The Russian State, celebrating an imperial comeback bolstered by petro-billions, has declared open season on the weak and poor. Like "Indians in their reservations", they feel. And hardly anyone dares to protest. No wonder. Rublyovka is a strictly guarded maximum security area, where many things are hushed up and kept under wraps.

      In spite of grudgingly granted filming permits, the film team was constantly harassed and threatened by the Russian security service FSB, traffic police and each and every security company. Many parts were filmed with a hidden camera. Nevertheless, the film was completed.
     The camera follows losers and profiteers, rich and poor, the powerful and their string puppets through their daily lives, in which the social divide has become increasingly wide. The film draws a social portrait of present-day Russia, in which Putin's "steered democracy" increasingly assumes dictatorial features.

     About the Movie RUBLYOVKA - ROAD TO BLISS by Irene Langeman


    The same can be said about the book Konstantin Kovalev-Sluchevsky


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